Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

I want to congratulate our State Science Fair students and those who participated in the Mississippi Economic Summit.
For the 14th consecutive year (and 19 out of the last 20 years) MHS was selected by the MAIS State Science Fair as a School of Excellence, just falling a few points short of the overall championship this year. Congratulations to Mr. Bob Dees, Mrs. Martha Goodwin, Coach Carrie Dever-Boaz and Mrs. Jennifer Williams on a job well done. There were 33 projects entered and MHS students earned 15 wins. There were 7 first place winners, 5 second place winners, and 3 third place winners. MHS also won Best of Fair in Class V.
At the Mississippi Economic Council Economic Summit, Barry Coleman’s MHS teams gave an outstanding account of themselves as well.
The International Economics Summit was an interactive convention of high school teams that assume the role of a specific nation's economic advisers. This is a learning experience for high school and university students on globalization, international relations and economics. At the Summit, student teams, representing the nations of today's complex world, competed for scarce resources, formed strategic country alliances, debated global issues, invested in long term development projects, interacted with global economic institutions, and to stabilize and advance the global economy.
There were over 80 teams at the summit divided into 3 categories: Developed Nations, Developing Nations and Less Developed Nations. Each school was given 3 countries, one in each category. The countries given to MHS were Israel (Developed Nation), Hungry (Developing Nation), and Peru (Less Developed Nation). Israel and Hungary finished 3rd in their categories and Peru finished 2nd (one point out of first). Hungary and Peru were two of only 4 teams to score 100% on the geography quiz and Israel was one of 6 finalists in the debate as well as winning the costume judging for the entire summit. For more information please go to the link on the MHS website.
We are being told that to succeed in the future, in a global economy, students will need to think creatively, work in teams, and solve complex problems. They may be solving problems for jobs that don’t even exist today. MHS is developing these skills in our students not only through science fairs and economic summits, but also in many other areas as well. It is, and always has been, our mission and purpose to prepare our students for college and the world to come.