Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

As we say in my administrative circles, school is definitely back in swing! My calendar continues to fill with school events ranging from athletic contests to academic events. Our fall sports are underway with football, softball, soccer, and cheerleading. I hope that you will take the opportunity to catch one of the many athletic contests on tap for the month of September and support our Chiefs and Lady Chiefs as they compete for MHS.

Our seniors and juniors will be taking important tests this month with the PSAT and ACT test dates upcoming. Progress reports have been electronically delivered (saving paper and postage) and from all reports Ren-Web is up and going with only a few glitches. Today we have school day pictures for everyone, and the juniors will look at their class rings. Busy, Busy, Busy!

I also hope you had the opportunity to read about the iPads and Macbooks that were featured in the local papers recently. I had the pleasure of watching Mrs. Steward’s first grade and was totally amazed at how engaged the students were with the iPads and how intuitive they were in their operation. Mr. Coleman’s online class, Principles of Personal Finance, as well as his Economics class, were also busy the same week with the Macbooks in the library. I am so appreciative again of the Parents’ Club providing the funding for these technology projects. I KNOW that our students are getting a significant head start when it comes to the technology they’ll be using in college and their careers afterward.

Speaking of the Parents’ Club, please make your plans for the Harvest Fun Festival. It is scheduled for Monday, October 24. As always it will be a great night of food, fun and festivities for the entire family. I hope that you will look for ways to get involved with our Parents’ Club and if you can’t be, support them with your presence and donations.

Until next time, Go Chiefs!