Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012

The weather last week reminded me how close we are to spring and how quickly the school year is passing. As the parent of a senior I see the end quickly approaching and it got me to thinking how fortunate and blessed I am to not only be a part of a great school, but also on a selfish note, how it has impacted my two son’s lives. MHS has not only prepared them for the rigors of college academia, but also taught them hard work, sacrifice, goal setting, teamwork and the worthwhile pursuit of something greater than themselves.

MHS graduates are everywhere, many serving their communities, state, nation as elected officials or working in state or federal legislative bodies. Two graduates Steve Hale (1972) and Trey Lamar (1999) were just elected to our state legislature and Stephen Moore (2006) works in Governor Phil Bryant’s office. Will Todd (2001) lives in Washington, DC where he works as an aide in Senator Cochran’s Office. I’m sure that there are others that I’m unintentionally leaving out, but the list is noteworthy as it is.

It is clear to me that our graduates understand the big picture and their ultimate role. I am blessed to be a parent of one and soon to be two MHS graduates.

From Luke 12:48 we get that to whom much is given, even much more is required. Our graduates are given much, but they are working even now to give back a portion of what they have been blessed with. What a testament to our school and the vision of its founding fathers.